Twitch/Streaming Gear and Desk Setup for Beginners

Twitch Streaming Gear and Desk Setup for BeginnersStarting to stream on Twitch can be a great idea, and it can get very lucrative. There are a few things you can buy in order to make the streaming experience fun and more interesting. Here are some ideas to take into consideration.

A great gaming PC/laptop

This is the main streaming station, so you need to invest most of the money here. You want a powerful computer that will be able to handle playing games and streaming at the same time as it will be well worth it. Think about the graphics card in particular, that’s important.

Dual gaming monitors

Dual monitors are great for productivity and gaming. If you want to become a streamer, these become more of a necessity than anything else. Getting 2 of the same monitor can be great, and it will certainly help you save quite a bit of time too. That’s what makes it such a great solution and option.

Gamer accessories

You can find all kinds of gamer accessories on the market, so make sure that you pick the ones which suit your needs the most. Adequate gaming accessories are great, and these can range from a streaming deck to anything that adds extra function to your station.

Twitch emotes

The streaming experience should be fun and cool, so having some Twitch emotes can be really handy. You should also make sure that you constantly add new ones, to keep things interesting for everyone.

Webcam and microphone

You want people to see you very well, but also hear you just as nicely. That’s why a proper webcam and microphone can be a very good option. They are not overly expensive, and the return on investment you get from this can be amazing.

Mood lighting

Adding a mood light is great for any streaming setup because it brings in character. It’s really nice to add such a light, and you will find it visually impressive. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

Posters and graphics

Having posters and graphics in the room is creative, and it definitely adds to the experience. You always want to implement something great and unique, and doing that can really make a difference here. Just try to think about it and use it as an advantage.

All these ideas can help make your Twitch experience better. Just try to make it fun and engaging, add in great ideas and you will be very happy with the results. Customize everything and make it your own, that’s what will make the process better in the end.

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