Welcome to our digital library! Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions to make the most out of your purchases from Xiola Shop. Browse through our guides below based on the products you’ve purchased.

Digital Stationery Instructions

1. Adding Digital Stickers to GoodNotes:

  • Download and Save Stickers:

    • After purchasing, download the digital stickers file from your library.
    • Save the file to a location accessible on your device, like iCloud Drive or Dropbox.
  • Import to GoodNotes:

    • Open GoodNotes.
    • Tap the + icon, select Import, and navigate to where you saved the digital stickers file.
    • Select the digital stickers file to import it into GoodNotes.
  • Use Stickers:

    • Once imported, navigate to the page where the stickers are located.
    • Use the Lasso Tool to select a sticker, then copy and paste it onto any page.

2. Creating a Digital Sticker Book:

  • Create a New Notebook:
    • In GoodNotes, tap the + icon and select Notebook.
    • Choose the cover and paper style you prefer.
  • Import Stickers:
    • Follow the steps in the above section to import digital stickers into your new notebook.
  • Organize Stickers:
    • Create separate pages or sections for different types of stickers.
    • Use the Lasso Tool to move and organize stickers as desired.

Gaming Instructions

1. Adding Twitch Emotes and Sub/Bit Badges:

  • Prepare Images:

    • Create or download your emotes and badges ensuring they meet Twitch's guidelines: emotes should be in PNG format, with a square shape, and adhere to the maximum size requirements.
    • For sub badges, prepare three different files for each badge with sizes: 72px, 36px, and 18px.
  • Upload to Twitch:

    • Go to your Twitch dashboard, navigate to the Preferences, then Partner or Affiliate.
    • Under the Subscriptions section, select Loyalty Badges and click on the + button to upload your sub badges.
    • For emotes, navigate to the affiliate/partner tab under preferences, find the subscriptions section and click on the emotes option to upload your emotes.
  • Use on Discord:

    • Once your emotes and badges are uploaded to Twitch, you can sync your Twitch account with your Discord account to use them on Discord.