What to Look For in a Planner?

What to Look For in a Planner?

Finding the right planner is a great idea if you want to stay organized and manage your work appropriately. There will always be challenges when it comes to finding a good planner, but it’s all a matter of taking your time and narrowing down the things you need from a planner. The question is, what exactly should you look for in a planner?


How is the planner formatted, is it suitable to your liking? Do you have plenty of space to work with on a daily basis? For a lot of people, formatting is going to make or break the purchase of a planner. It’s something personal, some people like certain formatting styles, others go with some stuff that’s more complex.

Cover style

Some planners go for a hardcover, more durable cover style. But you will also find the paperback covers that are great, yet not as sturdy. Of course, pricing differs accordingly, so you just have to find the right option that suits your requirements.

Binding style

Binding is also a topic of concern for some people. The binding style can be very simple, or it can actually be complex. You do need to figure out how to manage that in a way that really works and handle it in a great manner.

White or yellow pages

The page coloring does matter for some people. White is great because you can highlight stuff with ease. Yellow paper is prone to ghosting and bleeding. So it’s really up to you and your budget more often than not. Think whether the pen bleeds through your planner or not, and once you know that, it becomes a lot easier to identify what planner suits your requirements in a proper and professional manner.

Split boxes

Again, this is the type of thing some people want, others are not that keen on having split boxes. Regardless, it is a great style and something that will work quite well, if you give it some thought and try to use it appropriately.


Is there any space between days or months? Can you find ways to differentiate crucial tasks from less important ones? You always want to come up with ways to ensure your work is properly scheduled and managed, and doing that can help quite a bit. Just immerse yourself into the experience and ensure that you have a great planner style with the right spacing and daily management features.


Choosing a great planner is a personal, biased experience. Each one of us has different tasks to perform, so obviously we need a different style of planner. With that in mind, some features like the way a planner is organized, paper style and pricing will make a difference. That’s why we recommend taking your time and identifying what makes a planner unique and reliable. Give that a shot and use it to your advantage, then the benefits can be incredible and you will certainly appreciate the results when you find a proper, amazing planner for you!

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