Top Digital Planner Apps for Students

Getting a proper Digital Planner app as a student can be really handy. There’s a whole lot of different stuff you need to do and manage every day, so having an app to help manage that is really useful. But what Digital Planner app should you use? Here are some of the best available right now.


Todoist is one of the top Digital Planner apps that you can find out there. It offers stellar organization options, you even have notifications, projects can be organized with ease, and you can also set due dates for your tasks.

Student looking at digital planner apps

School Planner

This app is inexpensive, and it has a seamless interface. You can manage your tasks based on their category, you can also update or remove them with ease. It really is a very useful, dependable and reliable solution that you will appreciate using all the time.


We like this Digital Planner app because it’s extremely simple and useful. You can fully customize it and you get flexible scheduling. You rarely get to have many options when it comes to planning, but here you have all of that, which is great.

While the app is free, it does have some extra features you can pay for. That being said, the app widget, dual view and day to day list are the things that truly stand out here. It’s incredible, efficient and it gets the job done better than expected.

Power Planner

Power Planner is very reliable and you can easily manage your agenda, check your schedule and also track every task for the day. It’s one of those simple apps that work nicely, and they offer the results and efficiency you want.

Calendar app on phone for digital planning


This app teaches you how to be organized, how to track assignments, set reminders, it even has widgets for upcoming homework. On top of that, it also integrates all kinds of extra features.


We think that these Digital Planner are ideal if you want to ensure you manage all your school tasks and even personal tasks. Since they all have a free version, you can easily use them and enjoy accessing extra features in no time. We recommend testing them out to see which one works for you and which delivers the right results. Rest assured that a Digital Planner can help improve your productivity, so it’s a very good idea to just test it out for yourself!

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