Tips to Create a Cute Kawaii /E-Girl/Gamer Setup

Tips to Create a Cute Kawaii /E-Girl/Gamer Setup

Creating a cute kawaii or egirl gamer setup is all about being creative and coming up with a whole bunch of ways to add in your kawaii items in your room. The great thing about the kawaii setup is that there’s no real rule aside from maybe the fact that it has to be cute with lots of pastel colours. However, you can go the extra mile, add some flowers and plants, or you can stick to the pastel coloring and cartoony style.

Pick a theme

Ideally, you want to pick the right theme, as that’s what will guide you through the entire process. You can pick an anime you like, maybe a cartoon character you like that fits the kawaii ideas, and then you can adapt appropriately for the best possible results.

Identify the ideal color theme

You can start with a main color and then you can adjust and adapt it the way you want. With that being said, a popular color combination is pink and white. You can also do pastel purple with white and pink. Or you can choose pale yellow with sky blue. Pink, white and peach are also a good option. Try to make it different, quirky and fun. With that in mind, your walls should have light coloring, as they will make the kawaii setup pop.

Pick furniture and computer equipment that fits the theme

That means you want to pick the computer and peripheral colors, but also furniture colors based on the color theme you already chose. It can be one of the colors from the theme you selected. That means all your workstation, bedside table, bed, vanity, shelves need to have a similar color, if not identical.

Choose kawaii themed game accessories

We recommend choosing a pink or purple gaming chair, because this works quite nicely and it will convey the benefits and value that you want here. On top of that, it’s also recommended to choose a headset color that’s either pink or purple too, as these are really handy.

Kawaii lighting

Some lighting strips are also a good idea, because they make your setup shine, while still bringing in unique approach towards the entire experience. It’s a cool concept and something you will appreciate more than you might expect. That being said, make sure that your mouse and keyboard also fit the kawaii style theme too.


Creating a great kawaii gamer setup does take some time and effort. You do want to find the right accessories, desk tower and all you need in the right color. This is definitely a challenge at first, but as you go along and acquire the items you want, benefits can be very good. It’s definitely a unique approach but at the end of the day you want to come up with creative, cute and exciting designs that really push the limits of creativity in an exciting way. You are bound to be very happy with the hard work once you create a plan for your kawaii gamer setup and bring it to fruition!

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