Anime Themed Planner. A Guide!

Anime Themed Planner. A Guide!

Many of us love anime, so being able to create an anime-themed journal is very exciting. The question is, how can you actually make that a reality? What exactly do you need in order to create such a planner and change its overall aesthetics? It all comes down to adding all kinds of items that fit the Anime theme very well and which can indeed transform your planner into something really cool and innovative. Here’s how to do it.

Add various anime stickers

We believe that anime stickers are a great fit for any anime themed planner. The idea here is that you can find stickers from random anime, or you can try to find some that are specific to an anime you like. Etsy is a good place to find these stickers, since there are some sellers that either buy them in bulk from Japan or just create those manually. Check the size of those stickers before you buy, so you can be 100% sure that they actually fit your journal, otherwise it’s an issue.

Gel pen illustrations

Gel pen illustrations are adorable and certainly a great pick for your anime planner. You can find moons, stars and a variety of other illustrations. The idea is to stick to a theme, as it just makes your planner a whole lot better. An anime you like is always a great choice, so just try to keep that in mind and go for it for the best experience.

Titles and lettering

You can use anime fonts to try and emulate the lettering and titles of various anime. Plus, there are anime focused fonts, if you really want to go down that route. It’s definitely a great, creative way to show off your love for anime, and something you will cherish more than you might expect.

Use some pastel highlights

These are cool and you will find that they work great with any dreamy images from the anime world. They don’t have to be large, you can have these highlights at the bottom of the page. Make it quirky, fun and interesting, and you will surely enjoy the results and value.

Start using some washi tape

The washi tape is actually quite interesting since it has all types of patterns. It ranges from floral to geometric or polka dots, among others. It’s definitely a clever integration of the anime theme, and you can double down with stickers and all kinds of other cool stuff. You just need to maintain a high level of creativity and check it out.

Establish a theme for your anime themed planner and always add stickers, images and stick to that aesthetic if you can. It’s all about being creative and using the right anime materials that really work for you. It’s truly creative and fun, and you will be amazed with the way it all adds up and the quality that it brings to the table. We recommend giving these tips a try and you will surely have a great time using them!

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