• Protective charm of Ōkami and the whimsy of a delightful kitty keychain
  • Ōkami keychain
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Ōkami Guardian Kitty Keychain – Dazzle and Protect

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Guardian Spirit Meets Playful Kitty Design

Unveiling the Ōkami Guardian Kitty Keychain—a harmonious blend of tradition and flair. Embrace the protective charm of Ōkami and the whimsy of a delightful kitty, all in one radiant accessory.


💗 Prestigious Material: Made with epoxy holographic coating, mimicking the beautiful effect of shattered glass, the keychain promises both durability and allure.

💗 Unique, Hand-Drawn Design: Experience a hand-drawn masterpiece with the Ōkami kitty. A radiant smile paired with a heart outline on its forehead captures both affection and strength.

💗 Holographic Brilliance: Marvel at the myriad of colors dancing on its surface, a testament to the holographic epoxy's enchanting effect.

💗 Optimal Size: Boasting an approximate size of 3 inches (7.62 cm), it's designed for a comfortable grip, effortless attachment, and visual appeal.

💗 Versatile Attachment: Adorned with a standard pink keychain ring for easy accessorizing on multiple items.

Why the Ōkami Guardian Kitty Keychain?

  • Mystical Charm: With its intricate blue and pink detailing and holographic sheen, be prepared for admiring glances and compliments.
  • Endurance: Fashioned from robust acrylic plastic, it's a lasting companion for your everyday adventures.
  • Ideal Gift Choice: A perfect blend of tradition and modern design makes it an excellent gift for art lovers and those in tune with their protective spirit.

Care Instructions:
Handle with care. For longevity and shine, gently clean with a soft cloth. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.


  • Material: Epoxy Holographic
  • Design: Double-sided (identical design)
  • Color: White Ōkami with blue and pink nuances
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3 inches (7.62 cm)
  • Attachment: Standard keychain ring (pink)
  • Special Feature: Single-sided holographic coating
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I ordered the product and a couple of days later I had it in my hands. The stickers are really adorable! Thank you so much.


Xiola Shop provided a wonderful customer service experience! They were very supportive and responsive to my questions. I am such a big fan of their products, can't wait to buy more!


I love all of the products I have purchased from Xiola Shop! It is so much fun browsing through their catalog, always something new and exciting to see! Thank you for such a wonderful shopping experience!