This Payment Policy outlines our procedures and guidelines pertaining to payments, inclusive of taxes, charges, and additional fees. It is our priority to provide you with a seamless shopping experience.

Purchasing Procedure:

  1. Upon finalizing your selections, click on the 'Proceed to Checkout' button.
  2. If you possess an existing account, kindly log in. New customers are invited to create an account for a personalized shopping experience. Alternatively, you may also proceed as a guest.
  3. On the payment screen, your item total will be displayed. Kindly input your preferred payment method and billing address.

For your convenience, Xiola Shop accepts various payment methods which can be accessed directly from our website. These include:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover
  • Digital Wallets: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay
  • Other Cards: JCB, Diners Club
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency via Coinbase Platform: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Litecoin, DAI, Bitcoin Cash

Security of Payment Transactions: At Xiola Shop, we prioritize your security. All credit card transactions are conducted within a 128-bit SSL secured environment. You can confirm this by the presence of a key lock icon at the bottom right of your web browser. For your privacy, we do not retain your credit card information post-transaction. It is directly submitted to our banks for a secure and safe transaction process.

To further ensure the safety of our customers, we have implemented a payment security screening process. Certain orders may require customer detail confirmation prior to processing. We urge you to provide accurate and up-to-date contact information for this purpose.

Cryptocurrency Transactions via Coinbase Commerce: Xiola Shop facilitates cryptocurrency transactions through Coinbase Commerce. By opting for this platform, you adhere to their terms of service. We disclaim any liability for transactions conducted through Coinbase Commerce.

Coinbase Commerce allows merchants globally to accept cryptocurrency payments in a fully decentralized way. It monitors the blockchain for your transaction and notifies Xiola Shop upon detecting a valid payment. All payments facilitated through Coinbase Commerce are fully decentralized and peer-to-peer. The cryptocurrency is transferred directly from your crypto wallet to a merchant-only accessible wallet.

Visit Coinbase Commerce for Terms of Service and Agreement of Terms Coinbase Commerce is a platform that helps merchants anywhere in the world accept cryptocurrency payments in a fully decentralized way.

Additional Charges upon Checkout:

  • Local Shipping Fee: This fee is charged by your selected courier and does not contribute to Xiola Shop. Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery Policy for more details.
  • Goods and Services Tax (5% GST): Refer to the Taxes section below for more information.

GST (Goods and Services Tax): As a GST-registered entity, Xiola Shop adheres to the regulations of the Canada Revenue Agency regarding taxation and filing. Hence, a 5% GST is applied to orders shipped within Canada. All other destinations are exempted from this tax.

For any further inquiries, please reach us at:

Address: 545 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M1, Canada Phone: +1(416) 792-0250 Email:

We value your patronage and are committed to providing a secure, enjoyable, and seamless online shopping experience.