• Cosmic Dream Matte Paper Sticker Sheet - Xiola Shop
  • Cosmic Dream Matte Paper Sticker Sheet - Xiola Shop
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Cosmic Dream Matte Paper Sticker Sheet

Xiola Shop
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💗 Product Name: Cosmic Dream
💗 Sticker Type: Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet
💗 Material: Matte Sticker Paper
💗 Size: Approx. 4.5”, 6.5”

💤 Featuring our Kitsune mascot: Xiola! (Pronounced Zi-Oh-La) 💤

Unleash the magic of the cosmos with our Cosmic Dream sticker sheet featuring our beloved Kitsune mascot, Xiola! Get ready to add some kawaii charm to your life with Xiola's peaceful slumber on a fluffy cloud surrounded by a beautiful cosmic backdrop. Our kiss-cut matte stickers are perfect for planners, diaries, bullet journaling, scrapbooking, notebooks, or anywhere you want to add a pop of cuteness. Each order over $10 USD comes with a freebie sticker, a token of appreciation from our small business to you.

But what is a Kitsune, you may ask? Kitsune is a mythical fox spirit in Japanese folklore, known for their intelligence and mischievous nature. Embrace the kitsune magic and make Xiola a part of your daily life with this adorable sticker sheet. 

All orders over $10 USD come with a freebie sticker as appreciation to our customers for supporting our small business!

*Keep in mind that colours may vary between your device's screen and the actual product.

*Also, please note, these sticker sheets are handmade in our shop. There may be slight variations to the appearance with each batch such as it's colour.

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