• Celestial Elixir Sub/Bit Badges - Xiola Shop
  • Celestial Elixir Sub/Bit Badges - Xiola Shop
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Celestial Elixir Sub/Bit Badges

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Welcome to a gaming experience that sparkles with charm and magic - presenting the Celestial Elixir Twitch Subscriber Badges. Our meticulously designed set of 8 unique badges are perfect for adding a sprinkle of enchantment to your channel. Featuring potion bottles filled to the brim with glittering stars and wrapped in cute bows, these badges are a delightful way to acknowledge and celebrate your subscribers.

Elevate Your Twitch Stream

Make every moment magical for your subscribers with these bewitching Celestial Elixir Badges. Each badge showcases an adorable potion bottle with different levels of magical mixtures. The stars inside glow with an increasing intensity, symbolizing your subscribers' growing dedication. Accented with adorable bows, these badges will transport your Twitch stream into a realm of fantasy and fun.


🌟 Product Name: Celestial Elixir Badges

🌟 Digital Product: Twitch and Discord Badges

🌟 File Type: PNG (1080x1080 112x112 72x72 56x56 36x36 28x28 18x18)



  • 8 badge options
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Celestial Elixir Twitch Badges, Kawaii Twitch Badges, Twitch Sub Badges Pack, Kawaii Sub Badges, Magic Potions Badges Pack

Celestial Elixir Sub/Bit Badges - Xiola Shop

The Delight of Kawaii

Bring a little joy and whimsy to your day. Exclusive deals for subscribers.

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I ordered the product and a couple of days later I had it in my hands. The stickers are really adorable! Thank you so much.


Xiola Shop provided a wonderful customer service experience! They were very supportive and responsive to my questions. I am such a big fan of their products, can't wait to buy more!


I love all of the products I have purchased from Xiola Shop! It is so much fun browsing through their catalog, always something new and exciting to see! Thank you for such a wonderful shopping experience!