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Spooky Sweet Seamless Printable Pattern

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Spooky Sweet Seamless Printable Pattern - Gurokawa and Pastel Goth aesthetic. Featuring cute hearts, bats, and ghosts - you'll surely make anyone smile when they see your print. This is a single pattern with four background options. You receive the pattern in goth green, purple, dark brown and a transparent option. Comes in four colours.

 With the transparent background file included in the pack, you can use these as stickers on any material of your choice - perfectly sized for planners, laptop skin, card stock, or prints! 

Size of pattern tile: 16" x 16"


🦇 Product Name: Spooky Sweet Seamless Printable Pattern
🦇 Digital Product:  Seamless Printable Pattern
🦇 File Type: PNG and PDF Print 

This pack includes:

  • 4 PNG files (Dark Brown, Transparent, Goth Green and Purple)
  • 1 PDF Print file

These designs, both in the handmade item for sale, artwork and digital graphics, are uniquely mine and are copyrighted by me.

By purchasing and downloading the file, you agree to use my graphics/artwork FOR PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL USE as described on my website and in the terms of use.

Files and designs may not be altered, resold or redistributed.

For further information on terms of conditions for use of my products, please visit my website: https://xiolashop.com/pages/license-terms-and-conditions

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I ordered the product and a couple of days later I had it in my hands. The stickers are really adorable! Thank you so much.


Xiola Shop provided a wonderful customer service experience! They were very supportive and responsive to my questions. I am such a big fan of their products, can't wait to buy more!


I love all of the products I have purchased from Xiola Shop! It is so much fun browsing through their catalog, always something new and exciting to see! Thank you for such a wonderful shopping experience!